Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is love?

I was on a message board and someone asked what is love. I started my reply and realized this would make a good blog post so I decided to share my response.

Love is hard to describe. I remember the moment I knew I loved  my husband who I was dating. I was 18 & he was 26,  I was riding with my mom somewhere and I had a date with my husband that night. My mom kinda joked "Do you love him?" Before I could answered I had to think a moment and then I felt kinda shocked. I told her in a soft voice "yes. Yes, I do love him." I was shocked at how I felt. It was all new to me. I couldn't imagine my life without.

The Bible describes love perfectly and honestly it took me many years to understand this. -

 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 New International Version (NIV)
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love is patient can mean a lot of things but the first thing that comes to my mind is you don't rush it. Just because you are dating doesn't mean you should be kissing all the time, having sex within a certain amount of time or doing other things to each other sexually. Love waits for the right time and I believe that right time is marriage when you have taken that vow to devote yourself to each other forever in front of your family, friends and God.
Love is kind is self explanatory but one important thing is you put aside childish ways. If he is rude to you doesn't mean you are rude back to him. If he cheats that shouldn't mean you cheat. If you want respect then you always give respect. This way if the relationship does end you know you did everything right. You fought for the relationship in a kind honest way.
 It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Don't compare your relationship to others. Just because your friend has a boyfriend doesn't mean you should. Just because one married couple you know takes random weekend get aways every a few months doesn't mean you should. Every relationship is different. When you do have a boyfriend/husband don't brag about it or make other jealous by the way you act.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Don't con or scam to get your way by crying, lying or being sneaky. Don't get angry at him because he is 10 minuets late coming home due to traffic or doesn't text you back right away because he is working. Don't yell at him the second he walks through the door. Greet your husband the way you want to be greeted. Greet with love. Don't bring up past things he has done wrong. Once you forgive him then forget the wrongs he has done. This is how you would want to be be treated so treat him this way even if he doesn't treat you this way.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. This means to me that you fight for your relationship. You do all you can to keep it going. I've been married almost 22yrs and it is not easy but I will forever fight to keep my marriage alive and going. I protect want to our love and will always try to preserve it.

I will be the first to admit that after almost 22yrs of marriage I still struggle to live by the wisdom in 1 Corinthians 13-4-7. I depend on God to help me with every step of my marriage. I cling to the vow I made to God that I will forever remain by my husband side. I enjoy growing older with him every day.

 Love is hard. It isn't all fireworks or romantic nights. So you have to cling to each other during hard times and remember 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Young Living Oils FAQ

 Why buy Young Living Oils? Amazon sells them cheaper. - When I started looking into essential oils I started looking on Amazon. I thought one lavender oil was the same as any other lavender oil. When I read how great the oils were for your health I went to Amazon to buy them. Yet like many things on Amazon there were all kinds of brands so I started to Google which brand was better. Right away two brands came up Young Living Oils and Doterra. I read that both of these companies had high quality safe to use oils. So I started reading about each one then I started looking at pricing and the starter kits. At the time it was around March 2015 and the starter kit was cheaper on the Young Living site. So I bought Young Living. 

It was not until months later that I learned that  Young Living oils are the only essential oils company that own their own farms & essential oils distillers. I mean that says it all for me. This is where we get the Seed To Seal approval. This is the only oil I trust. If I'm going to use oils for my health and my families health I want to know that these are safe. I trust no other company.

Click here to read about Young Living Oils farms.

I see Young Living Oils on Amazon & eBay (or any other third party site) so why not just buy them there? They are cheaper! - I thought this myself before I bought my first kit. But, I have now learned it is against Young Living oils policy to sell the oils this way. Young Living Oils stand by their quality oils and to stand by that quality you buy only from them. People can easily buy Young Living oils lids that look like they have never been open. You do not know what is in the oil you are buying from them. I have heard stories of people buying "sealed" oils only to have the oils smell of lemon scented water or very diluted with carrier oils (coconut oil). This means you are not getting the quality oil. The oil you are getting is cut. It is not 100% pure.

So please make sure you are getting 100% quality Young Living Oils. You sign up and get your own account through the Young Living Site. Contact me and I will help you with the process.

I want to buy a diffuser or oils how do I buy them? - You can buy Young Living Oils two different ways. You can buy as whole sale member or retail customer. When you are a whole sale member you get a 24% discount off retail price. I highly recommend buying whole sale! So to buy whole sale you sign up by purchasing a Premium starter kit as explained on this page.  Buying the kit is a wonderful way to dive into the world of essential oils. But, if you want to slowly learn about oils & just buy a diffuser &/or oils you can order directly from me. I will offer you a discount on the retail price. I order oils monthly so just CONTACT ME if you want to place an order.  I will tell you how to create your own account on the Young Living site and you order directly through them.

Click YOUNG LIVING in the menu to read how to get your Premium Starter Kit  

Monday, October 26, 2015

To do Halloween or To not do Halloween? Our family’s decision

I grew up in the 1980s. I have fond memories of Halloween. My sister & I lived in a great neighborhood full of kids. My friends & I started Trick or Treating alone around the young age of 10. We would race each other to the next house while our pillow cases bumped against our knees. We often came home dragging our heavy treasure of candy. Our pillow cases would often be full almost the top. Our candy would last us close to year. I have many great Halloween memories.

My sister & I. 1983? I'm the skeleton. I removed my thick glasses for the photo.

I had a few friends who were not allowed to celebrate Halloween. As a child I felt confused and often sad for them. I did not understand it at all. I thought maybe their parents didn’t let them eat candy or was it possible the parents were scared of masks? I was a just a kid and saw Halloween as a fun night.

I married at the young age of 18. My husband is a Southern Baptist Christian & I joined the church along with him. I started learning more about the Christian faith & slowly saw how some holidays were celebrated in religious ways. I saw Christmas in a new light and the same happened for Halloween. 

My husband’s parent’s church had a fall festival. My mother inlaw would dress up as a clown while my always smiling father inlaw would sit in a dunking booth. I remember still not understanding the reasoning behind the “no Halloween”. But, I saw happy kids and family so I gave it no thought until my daughter was born.

My first child was born in 1996 & for her first Halloween we didn’t do much but just go to a pumpkin farm. We also had the joy of dressing her up as a cute little pumpkin. As kids came Trick or Treating to our door I was eager for her to grow up so we could take her door to door.
My husband & I were active in the church and my faith was growing stronger. As my oldest daughter’s second Halloween rolled around most families in our church did not “do Halloween”. I rarely heard their reasons just that they felt it wasn’t Christian. I overheard a few friends say things like “Holyween” or mention fall festivals.

I was the youngest mom in most of our women’s bible studies. Those closer to my age were 3-5yrs older than me so I respected them and their Christian views. As a new Christian I was an open sponge and eager to absorb everything. I really didn’t question how they raised their family. I prayed my kids would grow up to be such strong Christians like their kids. So I quietly sat aside listening, watching and learning. 

So since those in our church didn’t “do Halloween” we followed & turned off our lights & instead we went to my inlaws church fall festival. Our current church didn’t do fall festivals. We would go to pumpkin farms & we would carve pumpkins but that was it.
During this time I grew as a Christian & I wanted to know more about why Halloween was viewed as wrong. I’d ask my husband who had been a Christian longer than I had and he pretty much shrugged his shoulders. He felt it was ok to do it or ok not to do it. I asked some women in our woman’s Bible study why, even the pastors wife and I pretty much was told Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween or that it was wrong. But, I still didn’t get the why.

I bought a few Christian books on the subject, prayed for God to please help me understand all this theology talk and studied them over & over. I read about the history of Halloween and how it was in memory of those who died. I read about a thanksgiving for the end of the season. That didn’t seem sinful to me at all. I grew more confused as I continued to read. I read about All Hallows Eve & All Saints Day. I educated myself on them. But, I still wasn’t sure. Was it a sin to take my kids Trick or Treating? I wish I could remember the name of all the books I read but I can't. I gave the books away years ago.

One day I wrote into the 700 Club tv show. I asked them to share their views. I don’t know if it was because of my email or not but one day in October three men were talking about Halloween & the Christian faith. I don’t remember their names & I don’t want to put words in their mouth that are misquoted but I do remember there was an older man, middle aged man and a younger man.
The older man talked fondly of his days of Halloween & growing up. He talked about the joy of taking his kids out Trick or Treating too. He even mentioned his grandkids cute costumes. He said he saw no harm in Trick Or Treating. The middle aged man talked about the same thing. The young man who was maybe in his late 30s spoke about knowing families who didn’t celebrate Halloween. He sounded like he was talking about what I was struggling with. He spoke of the history of Halloween and pretty much said when his kids went out Trick or Treating they were not worshiping Satan or doing Pagan ritual. They were having fun and making memories.

I breathed a big sigh of relief. I really struggled inside with this. I was worried I would be shaming God if we celebrated Halloween. But, I saw it in a new light. I guess what gave me peace was hearing three different views on it and seeing that each view was ok. I don’t know why I struggled so much. I guess maybe because I was a new Christian and I was afraid of dishonoring God. I wanted to do the right thing for my family. I didn't want to fail my children. I think most parents struggle with different choices in life and this was one of my struggles.

So for my oldest daughter’s 4th Halloween we went out Trick or Treating along with her newborn sister. She had a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing her have fun. 

As my kids have grown older we have studied the history of Halloween and discussed openly if it is ok for us to celebrate Halloween. We have some interesting discussions. The way we feel about Halloween now is basically passing down a tradition. We go to a pumpkin farm each year and go through a corn maze. We also take the kids Trick or Treating. We have handed Christian tracts sharing our faith at Halloween along with candy.  Last year we had the joy of taking one of my nephews. He had never been Trick or Treating a neighborhood before. My heart filled with joy watching him run from house to house.  We also invited a neighbor to join us at the corn maze. Her husband is overseas & we felt her young son would enjoy going through the corn maze with us. 

Halloween is now less than a week away. Our nephew will join us again for Halloween and I’m excited he can join us in this family tradition. My kids will also help out at our church Trick or Trunk.
We have friends who have decided Halloween isn’t for them and that is ok. I understand and respect their views. 

So should you do Halloween or not? I’d say take time to pray about it. There is no right or wrong.  

Graphics from PC Hugware Club (no longer online), topper created at Canva & photo of my sister and I from my personal family photos.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Family Movie Night - Great movies you may have forgotten about

Our family loves family movie night and it is a joy to enjoy a movie together. Yet we can often struggle to come up with a movie that we all will enjoy. Plus with newer movies you have to be very careful about content.
As my kids have grown older I have enjoyed showing them movies I loved from my own childhood and teen years. During Christmas my kids often get a few DVDs that have become family night treasures.

Here is a list of some of our favorite family movie night movies-

   Journey Of Natty Gann – This movie is from 1985. It takes place in the 1930s and is about a young girl who travels across the country to find her father. She befriends a wolf and drifter (John Cusack) who help her along the way. The movie has its tearful moments, a few frightening scenes & a few not so nice words in it. Our family enjoyed watching this movie together and recommend it to others. The movie gives you a clear view of the depression era, beautiful scenery from across the country and also opens the doors for honest talk about running away and staying safe. The movie is available to buy on DVD. 

The Incredible Shrinking Woman – This movie is from 1981. I remember seeing it on tv as a kid. It became a fast favorite of mine. The movie stars the wonderful Lilly Tomlin who is a stay at home mom with two children. She starts to shrink after being exposed to a mix of chemicals. The movie has a number of catchy jingles that your children will enjoy singing nonstop and your kids likely will find it comical that a mother can still be a mom even when she is the size of a Barbie doll. The movie does have some touching moments as the family wonders about mom and if she will shrink away to nothing. Some children may find this troubling but I think most children will enjoy it as much as adults. The movie does contain a few not so nice words, a few slight frightening scenes & it does show some characters smoking. All in all it is a fun family movie and one of our top favorite movies to watch. The movie is available to buy on DVD. 

 Yours, Mine & Ours – This movie is from 1968 and stars Lucille Ball & Henry Fonda. I discovered this movie as a teenager in the late 1980s & it became a fast favorite of mine. The movie is based on the true story of a widow with 8 children who marries a widower with 10 children. The movie follows them meeting, dating, getting married and adjusting to life with 18 children. The movie is very comical and our whole family enjoys it. The movie does contain use of the word sex in a few short scenes and at one point a woman is drunk. The movie teaches about a family working together as one unit, respecting each other and accepting each other. The movie is available to buy on DVD.

 The Never-ending Story – This movie is from 1984 and I had the pleasure of seeing it in the theaters when it was released. The movie has been a favorite of mine and I was eager to share the movie with my children. The movie is about a quiet bullied boy who skips school to read a book. The book turns out to be more than just a story and he is soon on an exciting adventure. The movie is full of adventure and has some frightening scenes so I would not recommend it for children under 7 or for children who are sensitive to tense movie moments. The movie is beautifully made and I love how you often forget this is a story that is being read by a child. You are swept up in the moments with him and you likely will cry with him too during touching moments. The movie is a wonderful classic and you can buy it on DVD.

Willow – This movie is from 1988. The movie takes place in a fantasy world where a dwarf discovers a human baby. He must protect the baby and deliver the child to safety. He discovers the baby is a princess. The movie is full of great adventure and comedy. While the movie is rated PG it does contain PG 13 content so you may want to review the parents guide on or Internet Movie Data Base, I would say this is appropriate for kids ages 10 & up. There are intense fighting scenes but all in all as a family we found this to be a wonderful movie to add to our collection. There is a lot of humor which lightens the mood. This is a family favorite in our home and a movie we all can watch together.

I hope you have fun rediscovering these movies with your family. I am sure if you think back to your childhood you can come up with a lot more movies to add to this list.